low-maintenance people make the world go round…

April 29, 2006 at 12:49 pm (shtuff, things that make the world go round)

It's summer, but not officially. It's the biggest contradiction ever, and most probably the result of selfish anthropocentric activities and climate change. All the signs of summer are there: hot, bright, sun, blue skies, green grass, flowers abloom, birds chirping at 3 am (such early birds! yeah, that was cheesy, I apologize), yet it is still freakin' cold!! For the past week it has been 10 degrees or lower, but because the sun is smoldering hot, I've been putting on sunscreen, and I still got a tan which is very troubling because we haven't even officially started summer yet and this makes me dread what I'll look like by August. My brother says that it looks like someone hit me in the face with a frying pan . He always says charming stuff like this. (In the Tarzan song that I had to memorize and recite in every waking moment of my summer camp job, Tarzan swings on a rubber band, smacks into a frying pan, and gets a tan as well….Jane is not as fortunate and she flies in her aeroplane, crashes into a car lane, and has a "pain", but it's a children's song, so we just smile through the whole thing…DO YOU SEE HOW MUCH I SUFFERED AND HOW EMOTIONALLY SCARRED I STILL AM?!)… Anyhoo, the weather needs to make up its goddamn mind! I'm starting to look a bit alarming with a fried face and a jacket on…I hung out today with some old highschool friends I hadn't seen in a while, and it was amazing! They're such a low-maintenance group of people, and that's what I love most about them, everything is simple and relaxed, and you don't feel the suffocation of following social rules and formalities, and the uppityness of it all….SIMPLICITY RULES.I read an article today where the author referred to coffee as liquid crack, and that ladies and gentlemen is genius, and has more truth to it than you may think… (EDIT: Actually, as much as I love calling my favourite beverage liquid crack, liquid crack and any other form of cocaine is in fact NOT genius, and NOT desirable and does not make the world go round. Sorry for the romanitication/glorification of drugs…)I should start a category of things that make the world go round… 


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